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      《時代建筑》(雙月刊)創刊于1984 年,以促進學術研究和學科發展、增進國內外學術交流為辦刊宗旨,兼具“學術性”和“專業性”雙重特性,以“時代性、前瞻性、批判性”為其學術取向,以“中國命題、世界眼光”的編輯視野,通過每期主題的策劃和組稿,敏銳捕捉當下中國城市與建筑劇變所面臨的諸多學術和專業論題,關注國際建筑發展前沿和學術新動向,深入建筑學本體核心問題研究,并持續地積極鼓勵和推介具有獨立性和思想性的建筑師及設計作品?!稌r代建筑》自創刊35 年以來,至今已出版166 期,始終記錄著中國建筑的當代敘事并積極地參與其中,完整見證了中國當代建筑發展的全景,與當代中國建筑形成了良性互動,推動了當代中國建筑學科的繁榮與發展, 并在以全球化視野的世界建筑體系里為中國現當代建筑爭取應有的話語權和地位發揮了積極的作用,是透視當代中國建筑的一個重要窗口。羅小未教授為編委會主任、支文軍教授為主編。
      Time + Architecture (bimonthly),founded in 1984, both academic and professional, is taking “contemporaneity, proactivity and criticality” as its academic pursuit, and is holding the view of “China’s Proposition, World’s Foresight” while planning the themes and soliciting the contributions. Aimed at promoting academic research and disciplinary development and enhancing domestic and foreign academic communication, the journal strives to catch hold of the academic and professional issues about the dramatic changes of cities and architecture in China, pay attention to
      the international architectural development frontier and new academic trends, explore deep into the core issues related to architecture and encourage and introduce constantly independent and thoughtful architects and their works. Since its foundation, it has released over 160 issues and has been recording truthfully the contemporary narrations of Chinese architecture and engaging in it proactively, and has witnessed a panoramic view of the development of contemporary Chinese architecture. The journal has become an important window for showcasing the contemporary Chinese architecture. Prof. LUO Xiaowei is the director of the editorial committee, and Prof. ZHI Wenjun is the editor-in-chief.