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      同濟大學城建干部培訓中心成立于1982 年,是當時的國家城鄉建設環境保護部和同濟大學聯合建立,最早的培訓工作可以追溯到
      1950 年代。經過幾代同濟人的奉獻和努力,它也逐步成長為全國規模最大、設施最全、師資最強、開設培訓課程最全的城鄉建設干
      部轉業培訓中心。至今已為全國各地培養了近3 萬名城鄉規劃與建設管理領導干部,2018 年培訓學員約1500 名。
      Leadership Training Center of Urban-rural Development of Tongji University was founded in 1982 by Tongji University and
      National Urban-Rural Construction Environment Protection Ministry of the time. The earliest history can be traced back to the
      1950s. After the crystallization of the dedication and painstaking efforts of several generations of Tongji people., it has also
      gradually grown into the largest leadership training center of urban-rural development in the country with the most complete
      facilities, the most qualified teachers and the most comprehensive training courses. So far, almost 30,000 leaders in urban
      planning and urban management have taken courses. Almost 1500 local leaders were trained in 2018.
      The training center has invited several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Chinese Academy of
      Sciences, the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering, the German Academy of Engineering, as well as senior professors,
      researchers and government experts from the industry to give lectures. A professional teaching team with multi-disciplinary,
      multi-platform and multi-field joint advantages is established.
      The training center has meticulously designed the most complete training course modules in the field of urban-rural
      development in the country, including: Rural Revitalization, National New Spatial Planning System, Ecological Restoration
      and Urban Restoration, Ecological Civilization, Strategic Planning, Healthy City, Urban and Rural Landscape Construction,
      Landscape Planning and Management, Construction Engineering, Fine Urban Governance, Urban Regeneration, Urban
      Public Management, Ability Enhancement Program for Middle-level Directors of Urban-rural Development, Mayor Training
      Program, Director Training Program, Township-level Leadership Training Program, Training Program for Professional cadres
      of Planning Institutes, and Comprehensive Ability Enhancement Program for High-level leaders in Planning Institutes.